With the New Year, there are many things we update in our lives. Whether that be a new hairstyle, a new wardrobe, or even a new body from working out; we always want to start our year with change. However, have you ever considered updating your entire living space? It can seem like a daunting task, which is why The Chicagolite had to turn to design expert Barbara  Bernick of Update Interiors. There are lots of unique trends to be on the lookout for this year and Barbara gave us the inside scoop and answered many of our interior decorating questions.

TCL: The New Year brings new trends. What should we be on the lookout for in 2015?

BB: Mixed metals are a great way to pair elements of warm and cold. Rather than working against each other, copper and rose gold serve to complement silver as evident in our Palio China by Michael Wainwright.

While designers were embracing more muted palettes with colors with ivory and cream, navy will soon be taking center stage. What is so great about the dark blue color is that it can serve as a neutral so the opportunities are endless.

Lastly, smoky glass speaks to the “what’s old is new again” expression. Often popular in the 70s, smoky glass is no longer a thing of the past. I like the play on glass and how it is a bit unrefined. The GoHome Etched Smoky Glass Decanters have a frosted finish that lend itself to this growing trend!

GoHome Etched Smoky Glass Decanters

TLC: There is always a little bit of inspiration in trends, whether it be works of art, cultures or nature. What is the inspiration behind this season’s current trends?

BB: I think the revival of color is parallel to the color seen on the recent runways and the ongoing celebration and odes to artists such as Matisse. The fashion crowd has recently been following the minimalist trend and I think we are slowly starting to move away from that in both the style and design worlds. Color, especially in the winter, can enliven a space, be it be through wall paper or a decorative pillow or our Gold and Green Leopard Dish by Waylande Gregory or pink and turquoise Marble and Mineral Hearts by Roberta Schilling.


TCL: When updating one’s space, it can easily become overwhelming with all of the products out there. What are some essential elements one should include in their space?

BB: I think it’s important to live in a space before you make any changes. Be cognizant of the pieces you currently have and how they work in your current environment to determine what could really transform your home. I like hints of color and texture because it’s an oftentimes easy and affordable way to elevate your space. Also, a decorate throw or patterned pillows can serve as a nice starting point, like our Metallic Fabric Pillows by Ryan Studio.

Metallic Fabric Pillows by Ryan Studio

TCL: You mention the goal is to always update one’s space. This can get expensive and quite the hassle if you are always buying new furniture. What pieces would you suggest to easily update a room with little to no hassle?

BB: There’s always room for an update to a space, such as with a sleek object for a small corner shelf or a coffee table for a living room. I think adding mirrors is a way to open up space and add a quick refresh to one’s current décor. Little details, through photographs or artwork, are another way to add a personal touch. I also gravitate toward unexpected details that can tie a room together like the Made Goods Die.Made Goods Dice

TCL: With some apartments in Chicago, many of us work with smaller spaces when decorating. What are some pointers to keep in mind

BB: An easy and chic way to decorate a smaller space is to get inventive! You don’t want to sacrifice style for space, so embrace both and look for pieces where you can store items, such as chests and baskets that are both practical and posh. For instance, our Metallic Croc Boxes by Made Goods and Ram and Hedgehog Boxes by Global Views serve as a hiding places for little details, such as remote controls or note pads. I also love using the Chicken Foot Bowl by Wayland Gregory to store little snacks, such as cashews and almonds.

Waylande Gregory Chicken Foot


So what have we learned? It is ok to mix metals such as gold and silver if you want to add a chic feel to any room. Small accents such as pillows or decorative pieces can easily transform your room without any hassle. Lastly, to get the most out of a small space use pieces of furniture that could double as storage so you don’t overcrowd your space. If you are interested in any of the pieces you see here or  want to arrange  your own private consultation with the experts at Update Interiors, you can get more info at UpdateInteriors.com

What decorating tips do you plan on implementing this year?