Breakfast at Tiffany: A Peek inside the Michigan Avenue Store

It was a typical Wednesday afternoon. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping and there was a gentle breeze in the air.  Flashes of yellow from the cabs darted across the streets and men and women in noir dapper suits hurriedly went about their way. Everyone was getting ready to clock in at their 9-5, but I was headed to a place where I would be able to leave all of my worries behind. This place would be dripping with pristine diamonds and decorated with shades of glamour. As I step out my taxi, I am greeted by the nine-foot tall Greek god Atlas who holds up the symbol of time across his back. Immediately as I walk through the crystal clear doors, the sounds of Moon River begin playing in my head.  I have arrived at Tiffany.Tiffany Michigan AvenueI’m sure you are thinking that that introduction was quite dramatic, but it’s not every day that you get to create one of the most iconic scenes in cinema. Breakfast at Tiffany was my first introduction to the iconic luxury jewelry brand. The movie begins with an incredibly stylish Audrey Hepburn who steps out of her cab donning a black floor-length Givenchy gown with strands of pearls across her neck. As she approaches the familiar Atlas she proceeds to peer through the Tiffany windows admiring the jewels while she eats a croissant and sips on a cup of coffee.  Admittedly before I saw the movie, I always assumed Tiffanyhad a restaurant inside. While it was disappointing to learn that Tiffany did not in fact have a restaurant, to my surprise I would be doing something Audrey Hepburn didn’t do. Have actual breakfast inside Tiffany.Tiffany Michigan AvenueMembers of the media were treated to an exclusive preview of the newly remolded space on Michigan Avenue.  While perusing the chateau of diamonds, we were treated to mimosas and sweet confections. Immediately upon walking in, one will notice a certain dazzling presence that is a departure from Tiffany of the past. In a time where men were the sole purchasers of jewelry, many of the jewelry stores reflected a masculine influence featuring dark-hued tones. But now in 2015, women no longer wait for men to purchase that diamond tennis bracelet they have been coveting and instead can pore over the jewelry counters in a bright and welcoming environment.

BT Photo 6Bright lights bounce off the sparkle of diamonds, and Tiffany blue awnings add a pop of color to the room. Touches of gold scatter about in the presence of white gold wall sconces. Looking up into the sky there lies  a sparkling branch chandelier that dangles above the shoppers. With each step across the room one is further submerged into the world of luxury as they glide across marble floors. Tiffany is simply beautiful from head to toe. However, to see the true beauty that lies in Tiffany, all one must simply do is gaze through the crystal glass and admire the jewels that lay before them.

While peering through the jewelry counters, one will see the rarest forms of diamonds such as the golden hued Tiffany Yellow diamond. With a twist to tradition, one can see artfully structured rings and bracelets by Elsa Perretti, and a vibrant collection gushing with color by Paloma Picasso. Design director Francesca Amfitheatrof has reimagined Tiffany classics such as the Tiffany Bow, Tiffany Victoria, and Tiffany Infinity giving the classic designs a modern touch. Then there are the sparkling sapphires mirroring waves in the ocean from the Tiffany Blue Book collection. There is something for everyone behind the glass casings at Tiffany.

Tiffany Michigan Avenue

To enhance the shopping experience, private shopping salons are designed to mimic posh Upper East Side residences. One can run their fingers along the walls as they are outfitted in plush velvet. As one moves towards the back of the store there lies a touch of history with the first watch salon in the Americas. Franklin D. Roosevelt’s golden Tiffany watch lies in glass casing symbolizing the timelessness of the Tiffany watch.

Tiffany Michigan Avenue

After browsing the watches, then one can make their way up the grand marble staircase and be submerged in yet another world of wonder on the second floor. Who knew that Tiffany could get even more dazzling than before?

Whether you are searching for new jewels to dazzle your fingers, or living out your Holly Golightly fantasies, there is no place like Tiffany.  Afterall Holly said it best “It calms me down right away, the quietness and the proud look of it; nothing very bad could happen to you there”

Imaan Hammam cover image, Elsa Peretti Pendant, Paloma Picasso Stackable rings and interior image of the store all provided by Tiffany & Co.