Meet the Editor

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to The Chicagolite. Let’s see…for the past couple of years I’ve made myself a fixture on the Chicago social scene.  Highlights include making a very awkward introduction to Peter Copping (Former Creative Director of Oscar de la Renta) and drinking a few ounces of the highly coveted Louis XIII cognac.  Life is pretty grand, but as Cardi B says, I’m a regular smegular girl.

Chicago is my home base for a variety of reasons. For one, you can’t get bored here. If you are ever bored in Chicago that is your choice because there is PLENTY to do. However, Chicago holds a soft spot in my heart because this glorious city is the first place to take a chance on me by letting me into events and giving me so many opportunities. I’m sure a good chunk of my life wouldn’t be possible anywhere else, and for that I am incredibly grateful.

I’ve gone just about anywhere from fashion shows, restaurant openings, art gallery shindigs and just any grand party. I think we’ve hit well over the 200th event mark.

Why I Do This

Why do I do this? Well, because I want to show you that you too can have “A Dose of Elegance”. Even if it’s just a taste. I don’t believe in boundaries or limitations and who says you have to wait until you are rich to enjoy your life? I believe the world is truly your oyster.

This site is about getting out of your comfort zone, and treating yourself to experiences that you may not have the opportunity to do every day. We fully endorse the saying “treat yo’self” over here.

As a very proud black woman, it is also my goal to highlight unique and luxe experiences in the black community. Expect to see everything from a diverse orchestra, a multicultural ballet, and black wine makers. I really want to show everyone that we are indeed out here in all spaces and arenas; even if we are oftentimes over looked.

The Chicagolite is also your source for real life luxury experiences. After attending so many events I decided I want to take a stab at luxury experience curation. This all lead to the creation of my fabulous organization D-Composed. Check out the website for more info on that.

In addition to running this awesome blog, I’m a creative strategist at a brand experience agency. This essentially means I get to create super cool experiences for the rest of my life.

Life is one big party filled with exciting moments and that’s what it should be.

So what can you expect? A glimpse into my life and actionable steps for how you can get out make a lavish lifestyle a reality and not just a dream.

Thank you for stopping by and best of luck on your journey to becoming a Chicagolite!