So as many of you know, I decided to take an impromptu break from the blog. Rest needed to happen because I was on a fast track to burn-out.

Mind you, this did not mean stop celebrating life by indulging in experiences.  I was still very much out and about. However, on the journey to healing you must first take a close look at yourself and realize that something needed to change. For me, this meant that I needed to slow down and rest. Even if that meant letting go of the pressures to churn out a steady stream of content for the blog. Whenever I feel like what was once my passion becomes a job, then Houston we have a problem.

It took a month for me to regroup. I simply enjoyed life without the pressure to create content. During that month-long hiatus I decided to try a new wellness practice; sound healing at Anatomy Redefined.

Peace & Tranquility in the Loop

Located in the heart of the West Loop is a quaint studio for those seeking tranquility. The minimalist aesthetic pays homage to the cosmos. The owner Liz, affectionately has dubbed the space a “cosmic den”.

As soon as you walk in, pillows and blankets line the floor creating a cozy relaxation station for each guest. Accompanying the station are eye masks as well as pillows and blankets; all the essentials for a restful evening. If you like naps and limited physical activity, then this is the place for you.

Bathing in Sound

My experience was truly unlike anything I had ever taken part in. I’ll admit I was a skeptic at first. However,  I’m hear to tell you that it was truly a transformative experience. The vibrations of the gongs ring throughout your body while simultaneously centering yourself for peace. With each vibration you find yourself just letting go.

After the healing session concluded, I awoke from my brief slumber and felt incredibly refreshed. The world’s weight was lifted off my showers and none of the pressures of life could move me.  For the first time in a while, I paused and listened.  In the spirit of listening, when the session concluded Liz encouraged us to unplug for the evening and use the rest of the night to listen. Following her instructions, I briefly unplugged and enjoyed a quiet walk home.

After my experience, I wanted to learn more about this ancient practice, so I had a chat with the woman who brought this practice to the West Loop; Liz Meador.

She shares why Chicagoans can benefit from sound healing and how sound is related to the cosmos. Without further ado, let’s take a deeper look into Anatomy Redefined.

The Origins of Anatomy Redefined

TCL: Share with us what began your journey into Sound Healing?

EM: I began studying sound healing after receiving a sound healing session with a practitioner and experiencing the profound effects it had on me physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

At an early age I was diagnosed with three auto-immune disorders and over the years the stress and anxiety of trying to manage these diseases was taking a toll on me.

I graduated college a year early to pursue the study of various physical and energetic healing modalities. After my first sound healing session, I was hooked. I experienced such profound and positive shifts in my own body in such a short amount of time.  I knew I had to learn and share this ancient art.

The Special Space

TCL: Why the name Anatomy Redefined? How does the name reflect the intentions behind the space?

EM: We are so much more than our physical anatomy, which is what most people always think of when they hear “anatomy.” Yes, we are made of bones and muscles and skin, but we also have our mystical and energetic anatomy which creates the other parts of ourselves. When something changes physically it affects us energetically as well and vise-versa. To me the name Anatomy Redefined represents a re-building, or “redefining” of yourself on every level of your being, not just physically. This redefinition helps you to consciously create and live the life you deeply desire and deserve.

TCL: Describe the design behind Anatomy Redefined. How did you decide what went into the space? What type of environment did you intend to create?

EM: The studio is very much inspired by the cosmos. The star and sun lighting fixtures, the black walls and golden ceilings give it this warm and cozy feel. I jokingly like to call it a “cosmic den.” The gongs I play are all planetary gongs, and so I wanted to continue that theme, honoring the planets and their incredible beauty. I’ve always been draw to the moon and it’s deeply calming energy, so I also wanted to include this vibe into the studio’s interior with the use of the metallics and darker colors.

The Inner Workings of Sound Healing

TCL: How does sound healing work and what are the benefits?

EM: Sound healing has so many benefits physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually that can vary from person to person. Many people report after experiencing a sound meditation that they sleep better, feel a decrease in stress, enhance creativity, reduction in chronic or acute pain/muscular tightness, gain insight into their purpose or current challenges, and so much more.

Sound is based on the law of vibration-that everything is always in a state of motion. Even within our own bodies everything is constantly moving, or vibrating. We know from physics that even objects that appear solid are actually moving at a sub-atomic levels. Within our own bodies, every bone, hair, organ etc is in a state of motion. When we are healthy and happy it’s moving at one rate, but when we become ill or stressed this rate of motion shifts. Like an instrument, our own bodies can become “out of tune.” Sound helps to open your energy meridians and helps your body to work to re-harmonize itself.

The Planets and Sound

TCL: The planetary gongs are named after, you guessed it planets. Explain the connection between astrology and sound?

EM: Each planetary gong emits a sound frequency of coordinating planes based on the calculation of Swiss mathematician Hans Cousto. Every planet not only has a sound, but energetic properties like in astrology. When you are surrounded with these sound waves, they work to balance the energetic aspects of the planets within your life as much as the physical. For example, the Venus gong helps to enhance feminine energy and balance matters of the heart such as helping to attract more love in your life, helping you to see more beauty around you, or deepening certain relationships. The Mars gong, a planet of masculine energy give that “warrior” vibration. Mars helps to enhance courage, strength and gives you a push to get going and chase your goals. This applies to each planetary gong and its respective energies.

Sound Healing in Chicago

TCL: How do you think Chicagoans in particular can benefit from Sound Healing?

EM: I notice a lot of my clients here in Chicago are always saying how “burnt-out” they feel or how “exhausted” they are. This is an amazing city but it seems like people like to push themselves to go, go , go here (as in lots of big cities). I feel like sound healing is an amazing way to not only build up your nervous system to better handle stress, but it also encourages rest. With so many amazing things to see and do in this city, you need to have energy to experience it all. I think Chicagoans can benefit from the relaxation and stillness that sound meditation provides helping to keep them healthy, happy and energized to really enjoy all of the great things this city has to offer.


The Rewards of Sound Healing

TCL: What has been the most rewarding lesson you learned about yourself from Sound Healing?

EM: The use of sound in my life has shown me ironically, the power of being quiet. Listening to these therapeutic instruments has taught me to listen more in my life and to hear what those around me are really saying. I don’t think being receptive and open is something we all practice enough, yet if we all did, its impacts could be huge in creating a more understanding and peaceful world. This energy, you can hear and feel but can’t see is a constant reminder that there is so much more to life than what meets the eye and continues to humble me on a daily basis.

TCL: What do you hope others take away from their Sound Healing experience? 

EM: I always hope that when people leave a sound meditation that they feel more connected to themselves and are more open to the the beauty that is always around each and every one of us. We are all so caught up in work, technology and living such fast-paced lives that often there’s little time left for introspection. When you slow down, and begin to feel connected to yourself, this helps you to then connect more deeply with the world around you. Through this presence, you are able to actually LIVE and ENJOY life not just race through it.


Special thanks to Liz for agreeing to be a a part of this feature. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience and I highly recommend you check it out. Let’s just say I think I found my new happy place 🙂 Go to Anatomy Redefined to book your experience.


P.S – Sorry for the limited pictures. I really wanted to be in the moment but hopefully this encourages you to check out the experience for yourself.