The Queen of Hoops: Lana Jewelry

The first time I was exposed to the iconic hoop earrings was when I was just a precocious middle schooler. I began to take notice of hoops when I would see my sister wear her giant gold hoops on a regular basis. She wore them with just about anything. Hoops in a way became a part of her signature style.  Longing for some hoops of my own, I convinced my mother to allow me to start wearing more “grown-up” jewelry. By grown-up, I’m referring to a devious departure from my signature diamond studs. It was time for me enter the world of hoops and chandeliers.

One day I begin rummaging through my Mother’s jewelry and I come across a pair of simple 14k gold hoops. At first, I was only allowed to wear them to church but eventually after consecutive borrowings, I claimed the hoops as my own. That’s the story of my first pair of gold hoop earrings.  Till this day I’m not sure if my Mom knows that I have claimed ownership of her gold hoops but at least she can find solace in the fact that her hoops are in good hands.

Lana Jewelry Chicago

A decade later, it looks as if hoops won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. Hoop earrings didn’t necessarily need a revival, they’ve been around for decades, but one brand, in particular, gave hoops the glamorous luxe treatment it deserved; Lana Jewelry.

The Queen of Hoops also known as Chicago’s own Lana Bramlette held a glamorous party in Neiman Marcus to celebrate her latest collection of luxe hoops and dazzling jewels. Known for their classic hoops and simplistic styles, Lana Jewelry has become an instant favorite among the Hollywood elite. Gwen Stefani and Jessica Alba are just a few of the Lana Girls that regularly adorn themselves in the collections.

Lana Jewelry Chicago

With these types of accolades and a penchant for making every girl feel glamorous, it’s no wonder that the first floor of Neiman was swarming with Lana Girls ready to dazzle themselves in the latest collection. As an extra special treat to a day of shopping, Lana herself was on hand giving styling tips as she shared her favorite pieces with party goers.

So what is it about Lana Jewelry that has everyone flocking? Aside from the classic glamour, it may be that the collections are incredibly lightweight making it feel as if you aren’t wearing jewelry at all. One Lana Girl shared with me that she fell in love with Lana Jewelry when she bought a pair of gold hoops that she wears just about every day. Plus the designs are simplistic making the pieces incredibly versatile and wearable for all.

Lana Jewelry Chicago

In the silver versus gold debate, gold reigns supreme throughout the Lana Jewelry Collection. There were splashes of silver  but Lana Jewelry is for the lover of gold. I’ve always found gold to be more glamorous so I’m perfectly fine with the all gold everything sentiments.

While dripping in gold, guests sipped on champagne and indulged in decadent bites from Mariposa. Even the brownies were speckled with gold as they featured a Nutella filling with a gold plated topping.

Lana Jewelry Chicago

Fashion Director Ken Downing even joined in on all the fun as he posed in the photo booth with Lana and mingled with some fans.

As the party concluded, we parted with some tasty gold speckled Krispops by Public Lives Secret Recipes.

Lana Jewelry Chicago

The Lana Jewelry party was certainly the place to be at Neiman Marcus. Judging by the curious crowd that began to form, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some new Lana Girls that have entered the golden palace of Lana Jewelry.

It looks like hoops will not be going anywhere anytime soon and Lana Bramlette will be able to continue her reign as the Queen of Hoops.