When we see a work of art whether we witness a magical performance from a play or delighted by the sounds of music, a certain type of emotion is elicited. Whether that emotion be happiness, sadness or anger a true work of art is meant to bring life to the passions within us.  One individual who knows of this phenomenon all too well is famous Spanish poet Federico Garcia Lorca. Before The Secret and before The Law of Attraction there was Duende.

Located in Houston, Texas lies a team of 40 women working tirelessly to produce beautiful works of art in the form of precious jewelry. What starts as a dream, and then a sketch later becomes what we know today as Armenta Jewelry. The collection they are creating is the full embodiment of Lorca’s Duende.

Armenta Jewelry

Inspired by the poetic flare of Federico Garcia Lorca, Armenta Jewelry takes the wearer into a world of simplistic opulence. Many of the pieces give off a vintage and rustic feel as the metallic shine begins to gently fade.  To ensure the utmost luxury, Armenta jewelry uses the finest array of precious gemstones as well as 18K and 22K gold, sterling silver, and champagne and white diamonds. The gold that one sees in the Armenta collection is not your typical gold. It is blended with varying golds to create a special type of golden hue only present in Armenta Jewelry. Even the turquoise stone is not your average turquoise as the iridescent moonstone is implemented to give it that special luminosity.

Having adorned many celebrities; Armenta Jewelry has taken the accessory world by storm. The woman whose vision birthed these fabulous jewels is none other than the incredibly gifted Emily Armenta. What started out as a class project for her MBA program, later turned into the successful jewelry empire that we know today. It always takes that one person to make a vision a reality, and for Armenta that was her entrepreneur class professor. He believed in her vision so much, he became her first investor.  Needless to say, she received more than an A on this project.

Armenta Jewelry

Exclusively gracing the jewelry counters of Neiman Marcus, those who love adornments have a wide of array of bangles, stackable rings, and versatile pendants. Silver and golds can clash to instantly transform a little black dress. Or one can dress the outfit down with a white tee and ripped jeans.

Armenta jewels certainly add their own sense of flair to the world of jewelry. Emily Armenta has that perfect touch of mixing the old world with the new. I was introduced to the world of Armenta with some small hoop earrings that I won at the preview event. The rustic hoops with small gemstones are a perfect compliment to a jeans and t-shirt type of day and I’m so glad I can add them to my jewelry collection.

Armenta JewelryArmenta Jewelry is exclusively available at luxury retailer Neiman Marcus.