DV Photo 6Why don’t you travel to the Island of Capri and bring with you a bottle and capture all of the essences of the Island? Go home spray from the bottle, and when people compliment the scent, emphatically tell them it’s the essence of Capri. Ok, so that was my attempt at making my own “Why Don’t You” declaration. A phrase made popular by the famed editor and columnist Diana Vreeland.

Before there was Anna, there was Diana. The bold and daring Diana revolutionized the world of fashion that we know of today. Her popular column “Why Don’t You” featured in Harpers Bazaar was full of whimsical and impractical proclamations such as “Why don’t you…tie black tulle bows on your wrist?” or “Why don’t you…rinse your blond child’s hair in dead champagne to keep it gold, as they do in France?” During her reign at Vogue, she is credited for executing some of the most elaborate editorials in Vogue history. For one such shoot, she even traveled to Japan searching for the perfect sumo wrestler to recreate the “Tale of Genji”

Diana is also credited with transforming the drab empty halls of The Metropolitan, to a luxurious haven for fashion. Next time you see celebrities walk the red carpet with the world’s top designers at the Met Gala know, that all of the credit goes to the legendary Diana Vreeland.

Having certainly left her mark on the world, one can capture the essence of the legendary Diana Vreeland with her signature Diana Vreeland Parfum Collection.  Each of the fragrances tells the faction (fact and fiction) filled stories of Diana. From her travels to Paris to her love of the Orients of Russia; each scent takes the wearer on a sensory experience.

DV Photo 3

Recently I had a chat with Diana’s grandson Alexander as he lead me through the olfactive world of his grandmother. While it may seem like a curious idea for Diana to have a fragrance, Alexander shared with me that fragrance has always held an integral role in her life. In the behind the scenes world of Diana, there were always spritzes of aromas scattered throughout her home and her office space. In her installations at the Met, she would siphon fragrances through the air conditioning ducts.

Each fragrance within the collection embodies the persona of the vivacious and bold Diana Vreeland.  Fragrances carry titles such as “Smashingly Brilliant”, “Simply Divine”, and “Extravagant Russe”   They mirror exactly what Diana would have said herself about each of the scents. With each spritz, the wearer is transported to the luxurious world of Diana. Much like Diana Vreeland herself, the fragrances are bold, daring and straightforward.  They leave a strong note so this isn’t your shy girl fragrance.

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The Vreeland Collection differs greatly from other perfumes on the market, containing only the finest of ingredients. The latest fragrance “Smashingly Brilliant” features a rich citrus as well as the finest quality of Bergamot. The refreshing summer scent takes the wearer to the Island of Capri; a favorite vacation spot for Diana.   Contrary to other fragrances on the market, the scents linger on the body for quite some time. I even tested this theory out for myself, as I put on a little “Extravagant Russe”, and even after my shower I could still smell a hint of it. A little bit certainly goes a long way.

While each of the fragrances carry they own unique point of view, there is one such fragrance that Alexander believes Diana would particularly be fond of. That fragrance is the bold and vibrant Extravagant Russe.  Inspired by the orients of Russia which was a popular subject among her Met exhibits; this fragrance transports the wearer to Russia as Diana saw it. Of all of the scents, this one leaves quite the lasting impression much like Diana herself.

With a wide array of scents, I’m positive there is something for everyone within the collection. From the daring to the sweet, the Diana Vreeland Collection is quite a standout among all of the fragrances on the market.  My personal favorites are “Simply Divine” and “Perfectly Marvelous”. Next time you peruse the perfume counter at Neiman Marcus, “Why don’t you…take a whiff of the absolutely divine Diana Vreeland perfumes”

Also be sure to watch “The Eye has to Travel” on Netflix to learn even more about the legendary Diana Vreeland