If you consider yourself a part of the Chicago social scene, it becomes a right of passage to have a custom cocktail by Revae Schneider of Femme Du Coupe. My first cocktail from Revae was a honey hill chiller featuring whiskey, apple cider, a garnishing of cranberries, and rose petals to give it that extra feminine touch. It was not only beautifully crafted, but it was quite the delicious drink.

Revae shares her mixology expertise through her custom cocktail classes, which I’ve been dying to attend. I’ve always wanted to become a bartender at some point in my life so now was my chance to try my hand at mixology.

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I was invited by Revae to attend her mixology class at Fleur de Lis Florist.  Since Revae loves to add a floral element to her drinks, it was the perfect location. I attended the class with my fellow blogger friend Vickee of PressVee.com

Throughout the evening, we were to make 3 drinks affectionately titled the Last Hurrah, Winter Daiquiri, and Lunchtime Snac. Revae began the class with a demo of how to properly make each drink. She made everything look incredibly easy, so I’ll admit I was nervous.  All of the necessary tools for the perfect cocktail were available for our class. From the strainer, the stirrer, and all of the measuring tools; Revae had us covered.

She showed us how to properly stir our cocktails to get the ice to melt, as well as shaking a cocktail without having your drink spill all over the place. Another helpful mixology tip I learned is that drinks including citrus you shake, drinks without citrus you stir. We would also be working with bitters and syrups throughout the class. Bitters add an herbal component, whereas syrups added the sweetener. Who knew that cocktails weren’t just alcohol and juice? I sure didn’t.

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The first drink we tried our hand at was the Last Hurrah. This drink is also known as an old fashion. It featured the ingredients Rittenhouse Rye, Sirop Winter Spice (Femme Du Coupe brand of syrup) and Angostura and Orange Bitters. Revae mentioned how she hated this drink initially, but after a few tries you learn to love it. I now understand why it was called the last hurrah, because if you drink too much of this, it could easily be your last hurrah. In order to tone down the potency, Revae instructed us to add some lemon juice. With just that small addition, the drink was significantly more tolerable.

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Next up was the winter daiquiri. I knew I this would be my favorite drink of the night, because I love a good daiquiri. And indeed, I was right as this was the first drink Vickee and I was able to finish. It featured Bacardi, lime juice, and maple syrup. Of all of the beverages, this would be the one I would use to entertain guests.

To conclude the night we had a Lunchtime Snac. This beverage required a little bit more elements. It featured gin, lime juice, Le Sirop Ginger Zest (Femme Du Coupe brand of syrup) pinch of rosemary and 3 blackberries. Once we followed all of the directions and shook up our cocktail. Our Lunchtime Snac was ready to go. I’m not sure if I would have a cocktail on my lunch break, but it was quite the treat.

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As someone who is a self-proclaimed soft beverage mixologist, I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it is to make cocktails. All you need are the right tools and determination and you could be well on your way towards becoming a cocktail connoisseur. However, most of the credit goes to Revae for setting up such a great environment and for being a great teacher.

For a fun girls night or date night attend a cocktail class with Femme Du Coupe. It’s a great way to bond as well as make some new friends while you get a little tipsy on the drinks.

For more information on cocktail classes with Revae, go to FemmeDuCoupe.com

Special thanks to Vickee for being my lovely hand model for the evening. If you want to make these recipes at home, the recipes are below. Enjoy!

GILT Mixology Class