BM Photo 1Mud has been open for a few months and has been receiving such rave reviews. Upon my first visit, I received the GLOW facial and I was amazed at my immediate results. My skin was incredibly radiant and soft. It almost felt like I was given an entirely new face. However, there was one facial that was on my radar and that was the breast milk facial.

When I first interviewed Shama Patel about Mud, she briefly mentioned the facial and I just had so many questions. Where does the breast milk come from? And what are the supposed benefits of breast milk? Well, now I finally had all of my questions answered as the breastmilk facial has made its debut.

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Members of the media were eagerly waiting the debut and now the time is finally here. In honor of the debut, Mud Facial Bar hosted a milk shower where those seeking a facial were greeted with champagne and sweets.

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As I perused the space, I was anxiously anticipating my facial. It was soon my time, as I was the first one up for the day.

The facial begins with the same 5-step process as the other facials at Mud. The breastmilk is mixed in with the Breathe facial which is clay based. Because it is mixed, the Lactaid smell is eliminated.  In fact, the facial was odorless and you wouldn’t know breast milk was present unless you were told.

Another concern of mine was where does the milk come from? I learned that the milk is purchased from a private donor.  The milk then goes through a detailed screening process to make sure the milk is healthy and ready for use. I was told that the donor is on an organic diet, which makes her milk ideal for the purposes of the facial.  With this screening process, visitors can feel assured knowing that the milk has been tested and will not put them in harms way.  The team at Mud is very careful with selecting the milk that will be used in the facials.

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So why would anyone even give a breast milk facial a try? Aside from popular belief, the breast milk facial is not a gimmick. In fact, prior to my facial I did not know that many mother’s use their breast milk as a healing agent. When children have cuts or scrapes, many mothers resort to using their breast milk.  If you are running out of ointment for a diaper rash, no problem apply breast milk.  Is your baby having a bad case of baby acne? No worries a dab of breast milk will do the trick. Even adults can apply a touch of breast milk on a cold sore and fever blister. Natures natural medicine seems like a work of magic as it has tons of uses outside of feeding a baby. The strong presence of healing properties in the milk is exactly why it is fitting that Shama and her team would implement breast milk in their facial.

While it is a supplement to the breathe facial, not only will your skin be able to breathe with the opening of your pores, but the milk will also heal up some acne scars and blemishes in the skin. The breathe facial does a fine job, but the added breast milk has that extra benefit.

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Now that I’ve had two facials from Mud, I’m changing my preference towards the breathe facial w/breast milk. It gives off a less dewy look which I preferred, and my skin felt tighter from the tightening of the clay mask. Since it was less dewy, I felt like I could go about my day without looking like I had some work done on my face.

So I shared with you what I learned and my reservations and the breast milk facial gets my stamp of approval. Let go of all of your inhibitions and give the breast milk facial a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results of your facial.

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