There are certain key items that we have in our wardrobe. The little black dress, some cigarette trousers, and a plain white blouse. But how many of us have taken the same amount of time and effort into our fragrance wardrobe?

This unique concept was first introduced to me by master perfumer Francis Kurkdjian during his fragrance presentation at Neiman Marcus on Michigan Avenue. He believes that one may have staple clothing items, one should merge special fragrances into their daily lives. We need a scent that is fresh and light like a white t-shirt, something bold and daring like a slinky little black dress and perhaps something woody like your favorite pair of jeans.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian is one perfume house that truly understands the importance of fragrance in our everyday lives. In fact, he has a wide repertoire of fragrances including light scented bubbles for kids and scented leather wallets. I’m pretty sure they are the only fragrance house that will have your money smelling delightful.

In his fragrance wardrobe, he has compiled a selection of his finest scents that are essential for all those moments of our lives. His wardrobe for her includes  Féminin Pluriel, À La Rose, Aqua Vitae Forte, Aqua Universalis Forte, Oud, Apom Femme, Lumière Noire Femme and Amyris Femme.

FMK Photo 1

The fragrance designer has become a master of the scents becoming one of the most sought after perfumers.  He is among one of the first to create bespoke fragrances. Imagine having a special scent to commemorate your wedding or birthday. The Maison de Francis Kurkdjian is who you would call. Francis and his house of scents have also created olfactory installations for Versaille and he has collaborated with many well-known fashion houses in the creation of iconic scents. In fact, chances are your favorite perfumes have a touch of Francis Kurkdjian.

However, it’s the fragrance designer’s collaboration with crystal house Baccarat that has everyone wanting to add this iconic fragrance to their wardrobe. It was first launched in 2014 with only 250 bottles in existence. However, due to the massive demand for the scent, Francis and his team decided to make the fragrance available to all available only at Neiman Marcus.  Baccarat Rouge 540 features an elegantly designed fine crystal bottle, sprinkled with flecks of 24-carat gold powder, and is ignited at 540 degrees bringing the bottle to a scarlet hue. Hence the name Baccarat Rouge 540

FMK Photo 3

The process is both beautiful and meticulous mirroring the workmanship that takes place in the production of Baccarat crystal.

All it takes is a light mist for the scent to spread its radiant notes of jasmine and saffron. The woody tones are reminiscent of freshly cut cedar wood transporting the wearer to a beautiful summer day. While the iconic crystal bottle is no longer available, the scent lives on in Maison Francis Kurkdjian elegant and crisp design.

FMK Photo 2

No wardrobe is complete without jeans, a white shirt, or a little black dress. Now no wardrobe is complete without a gentle mist of Baccarat Rouge.

After an afternoon exploring scents with Francis Kurkdjian, I think it’s time I start building my fragrance wardrobe.