The above theme song is literally my life. After four years of living with my parents, I am proud to say WE ARE MOVING ON UP! This entire blog was created while in my childhood bedroom, and now I can embark on a new content journey in my fab high-rise.

I don’t know what to say besides the fact that I am really happy.  I am so happy that I rarely go out because all I want to do is stay home. When you find yourself comfortable in your space, nothing else seems to phase you. Honestly, I don’t feel the need to escape at all, which means I’ll probably become a hermit.

For four years I had the patience of Job. Getting my own place was no easy feat and it took an incredible amount of discipline.  There were no shopping sprees, I ate out less and vacations were a no-go. My main focus and priority was becoming more financially secure so I could live the life I wanted to live. I trusted God that someway somehow I would find a way to support myself so I could have the place of my dreams.

Once I started my job, it was super grind time. The plan was finally in place to move.

Fast forward to now and we are moving on up to the North Side (cues The Jeffersons theme song) Not sure if Streeterville is considered North (I’m bad with directions) but you get the point.

Yeah, I Did That

I really wanted a space that said this is Kori and was designed with me in mind. I created the space with intention and I wanted to feel a certain way when I was in it. Like I said before, I’ve never had my own apartment and this is my first time living on my own. I treated spaces before like they were temporary and I never really decorated. Now, I plan on spending quite a bit of time just enjoying my home.

Since this was my first place ever, I wanted it to be a physical manifestation of  “yeah, I did that” I feel like glam minimalist accomplishes that best. To accomplish that particular aesthetic, I knew there would be lots of gold and a statement piece that is to die for. I wanted to feel like the ish at all times, even when I’m walking around with my robe and a bonnet. I was going for complete and total royal vibes.

Also, in my head I’m kind of famous so if Oprah wanted to come over I want her to feel comfortable and welcome in my abode.

First thing I did to achieve the ultimate bachelorette pad was design around a statement piece. I knew I wanted the couch to be my vocal point so I knew a vibrant color would do the trick. I initially had been longing for a green couch, but the one I wanted would be out of stock for months. One day I came across a velvet purple chesterfield, complete with gold studs, and suddenly all was right with the world. I still secretly want the green couch but maybe we can change it up in a few years.

I also incorporated my love of fur into the space. It was a splurge but I purchased a Mongolian sheep fur accent chair.  And what’s a chair without the ottoman to match?

For the couch I considered getting a Mongolian fur pillow but as soon as I saw that black and white fur throw in TJ Maxx HomeGoods, it was a done deal. By the way a solid 80% of my apartment with the exception of my couch is from HomeGoods. I make the hour long trek to my suburban home just to score some deals.

Since I wanted all of the attention on the couch, I knew the rest of the apartment would feature black and white with gold accents. I’m obsessed with black and white so that was a no brainer for me.  I love breaking up a minimal color palate with a vibrant color.

My Royal Sanctuary

I can’t say this enough but I LOVE my apartment. If you notice that I’m going out less, it’s only because I’ve found incredibly peace inside my own royal sanctuary. I seriously could not have prayed for a better space and my building helps me achieve all of my goals.

I can say with confidence that my apartment is the one of my dreams. It has been well worth the wait. Even if that wait meant 4 years of a lot of sacrifices.

I’m very excited to have my own space and I’ll be sure to keep you updated on this fun and luxe journey.

Looks like we finally got a piece of the pie 🙂

P.S – Only showing my living area for now because I’m still decorating the other spaces. And by spaces I just mean other corners of the room because I live in a petite apartment.


*All photos by Ally Almore