Since we’re friends here,  here’s a moment of honesty. I at 25 years old have never owned a watch. In a digital era you can’t really blame me for relying on my phone to check the time.  I guess you can say, that nothing really caught my eye, and there there was JORD.  

Meet the Wooden Watch

In a world where most watches have metal links and simplistic typefaces, JORD is a breath of fresh air.  The wooden watch is innovative yet so simple and it brings me back to a time where things used to be less complicated. When looking at my watch, I see it for its purpose and there are no other distractions. A million and one apps are not open and I’m not multi-tasking between texts and emails.

I see the work of fine craftsman as I analyze the edges and grooves of the wooden links. The sandalwood of my Frankie watch reminds me of the beauty that is present in nature.

When I look at my JORD watch, it is simply a reminder of the beauty that lies in human craftsmanship.

Even down to the packaging, there was no detail left unturned with my watch.

JORD Wood Watch

The Gift of JORD

This is why I want to give all of my readers the opportunity to have a JORD watch of their very own. The winner will receive a $75 e-voucher and everyone else will receive a $20 e-voucher just for entering.

Just enter your info at the contest HERE.

JORD Wood Watch

Thank me later for making your Holiday shopping just a tad bit easier. Be sure to check out the Men’s and Women’s watches if you want to impress any friends and loved ones. The contest ends 11/27 so enter now!


Luxury Wood Watch