The story of The McBride Sisters Wine sounds like it was ripped straight from the script of a movie. A tale of two sisters separated at birth. One found herself in Marlborough, New Zealand and the other in Monterrey, California.

While they were thousands of miles apart, they both nurtured a loving relationship with wine.

As you know, the rest is history and we now can indulge in The McBride Sisters Wine.

It Starts with a Glass of Wine

It’s interesting how the love of wine is what opened a new chapter for the sisters. This caused me to reflect on my own memorable adventures that included a glass of wine, or two.

At work we bring out the wine when we win new business. With friends we pop open a bottle for birthdays, celebrations, and sometimes it’s to de-stress from a tiresome day. Whatever the occasion, wine seems to always be the answer.


Wine for Every Occasion

These next few months, I’m challenging myself to make memories with a bottle of wine. I guess it’s not really a challenge because when it’s warm inChicago, there’s always a reason to celebrate. This is my first Summertime Chi (living in the city) and I think it would be great to take the McBride Sisters Wine with me on this journey.

Festival season is approaching, my beach body is just about ready, all we need is warmer weather.  I’m just ready to pop some bottles without a care in the world.

Since Spring and Summer is all about making memories that are sure to last a lifetime, here are some ways you can incorporate The McBride Sisters wine in your Chicago Spring/Summer festivities.

A Red Blend at a Bonfire

You’re bound to receive an invite or two to a Bonfire before the end of Summer. (Shoutout to Paige because I just received my first Bonfire invite) 🙂 It’s the perfect outdoor gathering spot and you’ll want to get toasty once that cool Summer air rolls in.

The Red Blend reminds me of sitting in front of a warm fire with blackberry and raspberry cobbler notes. The mocha adds to its dark appeal and the surprise element of toasted marshmallow and vanilla bean add a sweet delight to the palate. Roast your marshmallows and nibble on some savory dishes and watch the embers burn as you sip on this delightful red.

A Fresh Fruit inspired Chardonnay with a Homemade Meal 

The Summer is when the produce is just right and everyone leaves their winter cocoon to peruse their local farmers market. Best way to enjoy a fresh cooked meal featuring your fresh produce is with a glass of Chardonnay.

The 2016 Chardonnay features notes of a Granny Smith apple, a variety of citruses, and the gentle aroma of white flower. One of my goals is to cook more so I’ll whip up a tasty and fresh dish to compliment the Chardonnay. Once I master my cooking skills, I may even cook for my friends.  Fun fact about the wine: for 8 months this wine ages. Some would say that’s when Chicagoans leave their winter cocoon ready to explore the fresh Spring and Summer air.

Sailing along the River with the Tropical Notes of Sauvignon Blanc

One of the things that Chicago has that you don’t find in too many metropolitan cities is access to a multitude of many bodies of water. Sure Lake Michigan is a borderline a cesspool, but that doesn’t stop people from enjoying a day along the lake.

Our access to water makes it feel as if we left the city for a somewhat tropical oasis. Hence, why the fresh fruit blend of the Sauvignon Blanc is fitting for a day at sea. The grapefruit and lime, blends effortlessly with guava and papaya. Sip a glass and close your eyes and it’s easy to feel as if you were transported to an Island. Open them, and you get to witness the depth and versatility of a day of the life of a Chicagoan.

Sparkling Brut Rosé: 24 Hours a Day 7 days a Week

Ummm need I explain?  Rosé all day! Live your best life with this one. I find any occasion for a glass. This was the first bottled I opened for this shoot.


While the arrival of Spring is uncertain at this point, I am confident that this will be a Spring/Summer to remember. Rest assured, I’ll have a glass of wine in hand.

Thank you to The McBride Sisters for not only the wine but also the friendships and the memories that will be made over a simple pour.

P.S – Do you guys like how I matched my hair with the rosé? 🙂

This shoot was so fun so I included some more photos below. Enjoy!

*All photos by Ally Almore

* Wine was provided complimentary. All opinions are my own