Brunch is one of those activities that sounds amazing in theory, but unfortunately brunch is a rarity for me because I love to sleep in on the weekends. Well for one weekend, I made an exception for the ultra fabulous Hayet Rida. We first met with a chance encounter at the John Hancock building then before you know it we are having brunch at the West loop hot spot Au Cheval.

Since brunch in Chicago is an extravagant affair, this particular outting took a bit of planning since Au Coeval is one of the most popular brunch spots in Chicago.  If that name rings a bell that’s because Au Cheval is famous for having the best burger in Chicago.

Au Cheval

Since it is a popular destination, we got in line at about 9:15 AM. Mind you, Au Cheval doesn’t open till 10 but that didn’t stop a line from forming. If you want to be seated right away, I would highly suggest you get there early and wait in line.

Now anytime there’s a line, you automatically have high expectations but I will say that Au Cheval lived up to the hype and more.

It’s a small quaint restaurant which creates an air of exclusivity. The tone is subdued which is a contrast from the bright and airy brunch spots. If you want to devour the gigantic burger in peace without anyone staring at you, this is the place to do it.

For brunch, I’ll admit I forgot where I was for a second and I played it safed and ordered an omelette. While my omelette was delicious, I immediately regretted my decision once I saw the famous Au Cheval burger come out with Hayet’s meal.  My mouth couldn’t help but water at the sight that was before me. After some slight peer pressure I caved in and went ahead and ordered the burger knowing good and well that I was full. However, you can’t possibly leave Au Cheval without blessing your mouth with the famous burger.

About 15-20 minutes later my very own burger comes out in all its glory. It features a huge thick slice of bacon. Literally, the bacon had to be about 2 inches thick and 4 inches long. To get the most of your egg you smush your hand on the bun and just let all the juices ooze out. And the patty had the perfect amount of tenderness not too hard and not too soft.  The anticipation was slowly building and after one bite, I immediately understood why it’s the best burger in Chicago.

I even further but the best burger in Chicago to the test by sharing my leftover burger with my family. They think Au Cheval has takeout so they keep asking me to bring home  burgers for everyone.  If my parents want me to hop on the train just for a burger, then you know it’s good.

Thanks to Au Cheval for blessing my tastebuds with the best burger in Chicago.

And thanks to Hayet for showing me how to be a fashion blogger for a day. P.S.-Do you see the hilarious message on the wall? Let’s just say I have a lot to learn when picking the perfect wall:-)


*All photos provided by Hayet Rida