Nestled in a quiet corner in Georgetown, is a Parisian escape; Malmaison.

The open air café immediately entices my sister and I to come into the space.  Cool hues of lavender add a pop of color to the understated yet sophisticated venue. You couldn’t help but snap pics of the elegant interior.

After a day of wandering around Georgetown, us ladies who brunch wanted something French yet elegant so Malmaison was a no brainer.

The Space

Our seats were perfectly positioned in what I would dub the best seat in the house. The cozy marble table sits on the cusp of inside and outside the café. This gave us the comfort of being inside, but the ability to enjoy the comforting breeze of the open air. It truly felt like we were in sitting in a café along the Champs Elyseés.

Parisian Fare

To begin, we had what else but the most refreshing mimosas.

Inside the lavendar with gold embossing menu was the finest selection of Parisian fare. We started with a selection of crostinis. This gave us just a preview of what’s to come.

To complete our taste of Paris, it only made sense to indulge ourselves in crepes. Malmaison has a plethora of selections to choose from. Judging by the unique blend of flavors, the chefs are crepe experts.

I selected the signature Malmaison crepe which comprised of a decadent assortment of the finest ingredients. This delectable dish comprised of ham, mushrooms, spinach, caramelized onions, Béchamel Gruyere & Farm Fresh Egg. The savory blend of flavors excited many parts of my palate. I easily devoured this dish in under 30 seconds.

My sister opted for a more vegetable based option which was the Ratatouille Crepe. This comprised of eggplant, Zucchini, onion, bell pepers, tomato, and tomato sauce. The vegetables were cooked so perfectly making it just as filling as a meat filled crepe. Vegeterians can certainly rejoice.

We both were incredibly satisfied with our perfectly Parisian crepes.

Room for Macarons

Of course, we had to leave room for dessert. We ordered an assortment of macarons. Malmaison had the most charming selection. I ordered the watermelon and half & half macaron.

Overall, it added a nice sweet ending to our day in Paris.

Next time you are looking for an enchanting brunch spot or just an elegant Parisian space to lounge in, then drop by and enjoy the lavender dream that is Malmaison.