In the year 2008, I would argue that this was the beginning of the blogging boom. It’s essentially the renaissance era of blogging. During this time, many sat behind their computers one day and began to share their thoughts on a variety of topics such as food, fashion, and lifestyle. Well on one afternoon while sitting in her kitchen pondering away, Hollywood A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow joined the blogging boom and created her very own lifestyle destination Goop.

What started out as a weekly newsletter to share with close friends, soon became the ultimate lifestyle site that many individuals flock to for daily inspiration. From recommendations on dining, shopping, recipes and advice; one can essentially goop-ify their entire life with the guidance of Gwyneth and her team. She affectionately signs off on her recommendations using “GP” as the ultimate seal of approval from Gwyneth herself. Goop prides itself on being a little bit more personal than a search engine, but rather they are a well-trusted friend.

Goop Chicago

In recent years, Goop has been popping up in both Los Angeles and Dallas. Now in their third pop-up location, Goop has made its way to the perfect location; Chicago. From having a .com address, fans of the lifestyle brand can now visit the site’s temporary address at the Waldorf Astoria.

When walking in the space, one can expect to find the pillars of the brand such as make, go, get, do, be, and see carefully organized throughout the shop. Items available in the shop are specially curated for the Chicago market. The pop-up features a spacious kitchen, a living area complete with a fireplace and a bathroom area with a vintage style tub. In order to bring the Goop vision to life, Chicago interior decorator, Kara Mann executed her expertise throughout the shop-able and interactive space. Goop also enlisted the help of a Chicago favorite for unique home decor Jayson Home.  The shop appears as if one is transported to the living headquarters of GP herself.

Goop Chicago

First one walks into her kitchen where one can expect to find the finest quality of kitchenware. Staub cast iron pots are carefully arranged as if ready for a delicious goop-approved dish to be served. Heather Taylor Home linen cloths gently line the wooden countertops.

Dubbed as the getaway vehicle, Heritage Bicycles created a custom cotton-candy pink bicycle complete with a basket special made for the Goop shop. Famous for their cup of joe, the Heritage team was also on hand to wake up some sleepy bloggers with their signature coffee.

Goop Chicago

As one makes their way to the living area, there lies two chairs conveniently positioned in front of the fireplace. You almost forget you are in a shop, as you just want to kick up your feet and relax.

Goop designer favorites such as Philip Lim, Carven, and Stella McCartney made their presence known with their posh pieces. The neutral color palettes of the clothing and accessories went quite well with the subdued yet chic atmosphere. It’s almost as if GP just kicked off her Philip Lim shoes as they are conveniently placed in front of a chase. Just to pass the time, one can also browse the vintage designer watch collection. For a minimalist and modern touch, Danish brand Skagen watches sat neatly atop a glass table. Goop Chicago

The living area in the back of the room featured a plush leather couch as well as a cream shearling style club chair. Placed in the center of the area were black marble tables with rings and necklaces as the centerpieces. They were placed as if GP herself had just taken them off.  However, the standout feature of this setting was the Tanya Aguiniga fringed wall fixture. In my personal opinion, I believe that this is the item that must absolutely go home with someone.

Goop Chicago

While all of the items in the shop are personal recommendations of GP, she shared with Sun-Times Splash that her favorite item in the shop is Murchison-Hume’s “Sunday in Santa Monica” candle. Chicago bloggers including myself were gifted this candle from The Goop team during a recent blogger Goop approved breakfast. I can say to you that this scent is very refreshing. It’s not especially powerful, but it does bring a delightful fragrance to the room. Of all the items, take home this specially made item for the Chicago Goop store as you won’t be able to get it anywhere else.

Unfortunately since it is a pop-up Goop will soon be leaving the Windy City. Don’t miss your chance to see the shop as it will only be in town at the Waldorf Astoria until May 10th!