It’s been almost one year since Freehand has graced Chicago with its presence. While the trendy hostel is known for its economical yet chic sharable rooms, many would be surprised to know that inside the hostel there are two lavish penthouses.

It sleeps comfortably about 6 people with a room of bunk beds and another bedroom with a king size bed. The luxurious space is perfect for small events or for a chic gathering of friends. It’s the hostel’s hidden gem that has everyone wishing they were staying on the 16th floor.

It is a very popular room to book. Even upon my visit one of the penthouses were occupied.

FPH Photo 1
Freehand Chicago

The 2 penthouses  feature impressive sights and beautiful decor throughout the immaculate space. While the rest of the Freehand property is designed by innovative design firm Roman & Williams, the penthouses pay homage to Chicago’s finest interiors and vintage shops.

The stylish decor all the way from the leather chairs to the tribal wall hangings could be found in Humboldt House, South Loop Loft, Coyle and Herr, Mint Home and Brimfield.

Chicago has some great shops to check out when looking for ideas and inspiration for your next design project. Be sure to browse the penthouses and get some decor ideas and inspiration.