I pride myself on being that person that has popped many an Opera cherry. Since I love going so much I always appreciate the opportunity to introduce others to one of my favorite art forms.

Summer is over which means warm weather is on its way out, but it’s time to bundle up and get warm inside the Lyric Opera.

The season kicked off with an amazing rendition of Wagner’s Das Rheingold but the last performance is this weekend!

Here are my top reasons in no particular order why your weekend plans need to include Das Rheingold.

1. Easy to Follow

Even as a veteran opera attendee, there are some operas where I have no clue what’s going on. Thank goodness for Lyric’s incredibly useful programs that give a scene by scene summary. However, Das Rheingold was so easy to follow, there was no need for me to open the program. The music, the set design, and the impeccable acting told the story was just enough to tell the story. I highly recommend Das Rheingold if you are an opera newbie.

Das Rheingold

2. It’s Short

Most operas can easily set you back a good 4 hours out of your day, but Das Rheingold cuts right to the chase and only takes up 2 hours of your time. This is the first of 4 operas so all together the story will take a bit of time. However, Das Rheingold is the perfect introduction to such an electrifying tale. If you are a busy bee but you need your Opera fix then Das Rheingold won’t be too taxing on your schedule. Plus, you’ll be able to squeeze in a nice dinner after the show since you’ll get out before the restaurants close.


3. Fantasy

If you love fantasy and you wish the opera had more mermaids, giants, Norse gods, and cursed rings then you are in luck at Das Rheingold. Many Operas are based on true events or they are recreations of moments in history; which is why every once in a while we need a break from reality and a taste of fantasy. Das Rheingold does a great job of immersing the audience in a world of fantasy with a compelling storyline and an equally captivating set design.

Das Rheingold

4. Eric Owens

Opera legend Eric Owens plays the leading role of Wotan. He is the Musical America’s 2017 Vocalist of the Year and he is an Opera legend. Essentially, people go to the Opera just to see him perform so don’t miss your chance to see one of the Opera greats.

9/28/16 1:47:50 PM - Lyric Opera Chicago's dress rehearsal of Das Rheingold by Richard Wagner Featuring Eric Owens Wotan Samuel Youn Alberich Stefan Margita Loge Tanja Ariane Baumgartner Fricka ©†Todd Rosenberg Photography 2016

5. The Music

Sir Andrew Davis is the conductor of this masterpiece. The cinematic music fits perfectly with the story creating a truly immersive experience for the audience. Plus, the music is non-stop so this is great for those of you who truly love music and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra. You’ll walk away humming along to a few tunes.

Das Rheingold

Ok! Those are my top quick reasons why you need to buy your tickets and see the last performance of Das Rheingold on Saturday

While I highly recommend Das Rheingold, you can never go wrong with a night at the Opera.

See you at the next show 🙂

* Photo Credit: Todd Rosenberg for Lyric Opera