Paint and sip classes have been all the rage for some time now. It’s a right of passage that has become quintessential girls night or date night.  One can release their inner artists and let go of their inhibitions with one simple aid; glasses upon glasses of wine.

For years, I had watched many of my friends on social media take part in these classes. The FOMO was real so I knew I had to check it out for myself sooner or later.

However, I did have my reservations. I thought to myself that there was no way that my final creation would resemble any work of art. This is because my artistic background consists of drawing African stick figures at the age of 5. Also, in my art classes in elementary school I barely received a passing grade.  This gives you context into my lack of artistic skills.

It had been years since I made any type of artistic creation but I knew once I had some wine in my system all would be well.

Nevertheless, I decided to give my first paint and sip experience a go with Chicago’s newest paint and sip series, Grape Canvas.


First We Sip

Grape Canvas is produced by DIM Events and is a new-age sip and paint experience that features fine wine, painting, and good vibes. Expect to hear hip hop blasting through the speakers and conversation topics covering everything from J. Cole’s latest album to Cardi B.

The setting for the evening was Hyde Park’s 57th Street Wines. Owned by Sommelier Derrick Westbrook, the wine shop features a vast array of the finest wines from all over the world. From the affordable to the rare and exclusive, 57th Street has got all levels of the wine appreciator covered.

Throughout the evening, Derrick would serve as our personal sommelier with a thoughtful selection of wines. To kick things off, we indulged in a few glasses of bubbly. You know; just to loosen us up a bit.

As we mixed and mingled, I realized I wasn’t the only one doubting my artistic skills so that did put me at ease. My simple goal was to make sure my painting somewhat resembled the original. I guess you can say I was a high achiever.

After a few glasses of bubbly I quickly went from Kori to Monet as a I put paint brush to canvas.

And Then We Paint

Our instructor for the evening would be none other than artist J.A. Medcalf. His works are incredibly detailed and show a high-level of technique so we knew we were in good hands.

Joe had us recreate a painting of a wine glass with wine being poured in. As he lead us through each step, I realized that painting wasn’t so bad after all. Of course, my increased confidence could be due to my liquid courage but Joe really did make us more confident in our abilities. He worked the room and offered tips and tricks but not once did he spew any negativity, only encouragement.

We started with the basics but then we were able to add some more details like shadows and depth. I really felt like I was becoming an artist once we got to that part.

As I looked around the room, everyone’s creation had their own unique flair to it.  I even incorporated my apartment’s color scheme.  However, instead of wine I decided to paint champagne since that’s my favorite beverage of choice.

All in all, I’m pleased with my painting’s final result and I learned that I need to stop doubting my abilities.

Good Wine, Good Company, and Beautiful Works of Art

While I loved discovering my inner artist, my favorite part about Grape Canvas was the great company.

It was a chill yet young wild and free space.  The night was made complete once they played Drake’s “Nice for What” That’s when I knew this was an evening that would be worth remembering.

I think Grape Canvas is definitely going to change the sip and paint scene. Come June, this will be yet another fun experience to add to the Chicago scene. Follow DIM Events, J.A. Medcalf, and Derrick Westbrook on social to find out about the next event. You won’t want to miss it!

Special thanks to J.A. Medcalf, Derrick Westbrook, and the DIM Events team for having me.

Below is my painting. How did I do? 🙂

* All photos with the exception of the last provided by DIM Events