Designer Drinks with the IIDA and the ASID

If you could be any animal what would you be? We’ve all been asked this question at one point or another. It typically comes up in job interviews or random ice-breaker type scenarios. But how many of us have been asked this question when we think about the design of a room? We’ll get to that story later, but first, let me explain how this question shaped an intriguing night.

On one rainy evening, I made my way to the immaculate Kimball Showroom for the IIDA (International Interior Design Association) and the ASID Designer Drinks showcase. For the evening, guests had the opportunity to explore impeccably designed rooms from street level to the rooftop.

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Not only was this a celebration of the best in the world of interior design, but it was also a celebration of music. Decor of the rooms and featured cocktails were inspired by a recently deceased music legend. Popular rooms of the evening were the David Bowie and Merle Haggard room. Other rooms included Glenn Frey and Prince. While the impeccable design was certainly a crowd pleaser, the well-crafted cocktails by Amy Proboasco of Pub Royale also had everyone flocking.

The first room I viewed upon entering the party was the David Bowie room. Seeing as he’s one of my favorite musicians, of course, this would be my first stop on this eventful evening. The room featured splashes of black and white and modern decor. And since our interior designer party hosts entitled the event Designer Drinks, I couldn’t leave without a designer drink! As I make my way to the bar I spot an electrifying blue cocktail topped off with a small ball of glitter. In true David Bowie fashion, they named the drink after the David Bowie classic “Space Oddity” However, this drink was no oddity but rather the makings of the perfect cocktail. Unfortunately, I left too soon before previewing “The Purple One’s” room (Prince if you aren’t hip) but I’m sure it was another fabulous addition to space.

Meetings with an Architect

As I finish my cocktail, I begin mingling and  a conversation strikes with one of the party guests. Later I found out that this wasn’t some ordinary party guests, but rather renowned architect Daniel Korb.

Photo Credit: Kimball Showroom

We began chatting and Daniel lead me upstairs and showed me his designs for the showcase. What lay before us was a blue structure that housed his designs. Daniel instructs me to look up and I see birds perched on the ledges. Surrounding the birds is his vision for a modern and comfortable office.  This space involved furniture that is moveable and customizable which is in great contrast to cubicles that shape up many offices. Daniel shares that how can one be productive when they are confined to such to a strict space? Individuals need an area that was designed for them and not a static piece that’s supposed to suit everyone. Good design is when the structure takes into account the needs of the individual.  Essentially, with Kore design, one is given the tools needed to make a living space their own.

So what does this have to do with the question I posed earlier “If you could be one animal what would you be?” Daniel shared with me that the inspiration behind the blue home that housed his designs was a bird. It was fascinating to me that the space came to be from one simple question. A true designer doesn’t just think about what looks right, but they create a space that suits that person.  Just like certain birds can’t find every environment suitable, neither can most humans and it’s refreshing to hear a designer take that approach when creating a space.

New Outlook on Design

So what animal would I be? I said a Tiger (It’s too much pressure for a Lion in the animal kingdom) lol But I’ll be sure to relay this information to my future interior designer and see what space they can design for me.

Based off our brief convo, this gave me a new outlook for how I view and appreciate interior design and I’m grateful for that meeting. Designer Drinks was an evening of fabulous conversation and inspiration and I look forward to another year of fabulous interior design.

Thanks to the IIAD and the ASID for having me at their wonderful event and thanks to Daniel Korb for giving me some design aspiration 🙂

If you are dying to get some more interior design inspiration, be sure to mark your calendars for the ASID’s première of DreamHome at Merchandise Mart.

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