Welcome to the first ever Chicagolite Spotlight. This is the space where we will be highlighting the movers, shakers, trailblazers and tastemakers of Chicago. We’ll be getting to know them on both a personal and professional level. These are people that I personally admire because of their work ethic and their ability to accomplish what seems like the impossible. They break the status quo, they think outside the box and the results of their hard work is incredible. On top of all of that, they still find the time to enjoy the city of Chicago.

To kick off this month, we’ll be highlighting Creative & Editorial Director of Glossed & Found, Graham Kostic as he gives us an inside look into the latest issue The Pajama Game.  I think we can all agree that digital media transformed the way we view magazines today, and Glossed & Found goes above and beyond in creating unique and exciting content. The visually arresting photography, fun quirky videos along with the diverse content, truly puts this publication in a class of its own. I feel sorry for other cities that don’t have a Glossed & Found but I’m glad it calls Chicago home. Without further ado, let’s take a peek inside the world of Glossed & Found and get to know a little bit more about Graham.

Photo Credit: Kristyna Archer
Photo Credit: Kristyna Archer

TCL: Tell us about what we can expect from the current issue of Glossed & Found?

GK: It’s Love month on G&F! We’ve got bouncing models in our Pajama Game fashion editorial! A 60’s inspired Valentine’s Day DIY feature! Couples cocktails! Hyperlapse macaron making! And later this month, we’ve got burlesque star Frenchie Kiss, the cast of The First Wives Club pre-Broadway premiere. Lots and lots and lots of Love.

TCL: What is something that is uniquely Glossed & Found that separates you from other publications?

GK: G&F celebrates stylish living with a sweet sense of humor. We celebrate the style-driven individual who likes a little adventure under their wings. I am not driven by trend. I am driven by making people smile. To share a new idea or introduce a larger-than-life personality. In one week, we’ll interview former New York City Ballet superstar Wendy Whelan and the following week, we’re debuting a G&F sing-a-long on our Holiday Beauty set. The celebration of shiny, happy people makes me tick.

TCL: What are some of the rewarding and challenging aspects that come with being the creative director?

GK: I love gathering a crew of talented people and giving artists the platform to show off their skills. Be it photographer or the assistant to the make up artist, I am passionate about providing a creative space to produce through the G&F lens. Challenging? When you love what you do, it’s easy to want to do More! More! More! A constant challenge I have is to remember to “Slow the F Down.”

TCL: Tell us about your favorite Glossed & Found shoot of all time

GK: This is a very tough question. We shot 124 films last year and 30 anchor editorials. That’s a lot of bright, colorful, off-the-cuff content! And while we have had a lot of memorable shoots—like our over-the-top Holiday editorial from 2012 and our G&F Travel fashion feature shot in Nashville—the one that is near and dear to my heart is our swim fashion story that was a tribute to Bob Fosse and the classic American musical.

TCL: What makes Chicago a good home for Glossed & Found, and what bits of Chicago can we see in it?

GK: Chicago is Glossed & Found’s playground. I am always on the lookout for interesting personalities. And we’re in a city that unabashedly supports local artists, new businesses and the old standbys. What I really love is that, while we cover a majority of Chicago-centric personalities, these movers and shakers are just as fascinating wherever you read about them. I love being able to digitally celebrate Chicago natives doing really cool stuff to our readers across the map.

TCL: What’s Next For Glossed & Found?

 GK: Keep on truckin’. Stylishly, of course.

5 in the Chi with Graham

Photo Credit: Jennifer Avello
Photo Credit: Jennifer Avello

1. Favorite place to grab drinks in Chicago?

Soho House, Big Star, and our kitchen island

2. If it’s our first time in the city, where should we go and have dinner?

Maude’s for the seafood tower. Au Cheval for the shaved vegetable salad. Kinmont for the Bloody Mary’s. Shaw’s Oyster Bar for, you guessed it, oysters.

3. When all else fails, what’s always a safe bet for a good time in Chicago?

I love Davenport’s Piano Bar. Wednesday night is open mic evening and it’s always a real carousel of talented people.

4. Best place for a staycation in the city?

The Public Hotel

5. Describe a typical weekend with Graham

 I like to get up early. Since I work on my computer most days during the week for G&F, I try to be as computer-free on the weekends. We travel a lot, so if we’re in town, we will do a rotation of one of these things: antique shopping, museum hopping and eventually, I’ll ended up singing at the piano while my husband plays in our living room.

Valentines Day Bonus

What has been the most memorable Valentines Day thus far?

Like New Year’s Eve, I never really look forward to the Holiday. I don’t dread it, but I hardly think about it. But last year, I surprised my husband with a little weekend getaway to Milwaukee. We ran to the train, stayed at the Iron Horse and ended up going to this really bad drag show followed by a hole-in-the-wall Jazz bar that we fell in love with. Super memorable.


If you want even more of Graham and the fabulous work of Glossed & Found check out the latest issue at GlossedandFound.com. For a sneak peek inside the love issue check out the video below.