Meet the Editor

Hello my fellow Chicagolites,

 Welcome to The Chicagolite. I’m Kori Coleman and you may remember me from my other blog I co-founded I’ve had quite the adventure from making my own fragrance, sailing and even learning the dangerous art of glass blowing. Just kidding, it’s not that dangerous,  but coming from a girl who’s afraid to light a match this was quite the accomplishment.

So what exactly is a Chicagolite? You probably guessed it, but it’s the merging of the words Chicago and socialite. Over the past few years, I inadvertently became a socialite because of all of the events I covered. I guess you can say I’m entry level.  I’m nowhere near Olivia Palermo or Genevieve Jones level, and I’m also not incredibly wealthy. I’m just a girl with big aspirations and I have an appreciation for the finer things in life.  Ladies and gentlemen that is how The Chicagolite was born.

I started blogging so I could keep busy as a freelance entertainment and lifestyle correspondent. Anyone who has experience freelancing knows that your workload isn’t always overflowing.  It’s easy to find yourself anxiously waiting for the next opportunity.

Even though I have interviewed tons of celebs, there were more topics and interests to explore. I took matters into my own hands and started covering events and activities that I always wanted to do on my own through the blog. I went from having barely any work to having something planned every day of the week.

Fast forward to now and I’m proud to say that blogging has lead me to a fulfilling career as a creative strategist at a brand experience agency. This essentially means I get to design awesome experiences all the time. I went from someone simply attending events to someone who plans events!

Through blogging, I have had experiences that I never thought were possible for a semi-broke recent college grad.  From previewing the latest designer collections, to attending the finest Chicago events; I’ve had quite the taste of the fabulous life. While I’ve had these great experiences, it has been incredibly rewarding to highlight the diversity and elegance of Chicago.

As a proud black woman, it is also my goal to highlight unique and luxe experiences in the black community. Expect to see everything from a diverse orchestra to a multicultural ballet. I really want to show that we are indeed out here in all spaces and arenas.

I believe anyone should be able to have some of these experiences, even if it’s just in small doses. This is where the mantra “A dose of elegance” comes into play. Special credit to my Mom and Dad for the mantra.  I regularly venture out from the suburbs so I’m somewhat of an outsider, but Chicago has embraced me with open arms.

I have met so many wonderful Chicagoans  because of all of the events and parties that I’ve attended. Giving those people and places a platform on my site is what I find to be the most rewarding.

So what’s next for me? I plan on giving you more parties and showcasing more people who continuously inspire me. My journey started in Chicago, but the road certainly doesn’t end here for me.

As always, it’s a pleasure sharing all of these experiences with you all. Thanks for stopping by, and thank you for your continued support. Enjoy and best wishes on your journey towards becoming a Chicagolite.


Yours Truly,



Kori Coleman